Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Sit Down!!!" (Mr. Key visits Greenfield Village"

"Sit Down!!!" (Mr. Key visits Greenfield Village," Photo by Mary Stebbins.

"SIT DOWN!" (Mr. Key at Greenfield Village) After Leaving Terry Ellis and Bobbie Davis, Mr. Key has been doing a LOT of travelling. He's been halfway around the country three times and is now on his way to see Kate Jackson in Messing England.

One of the many places Mr. Key visited was the famous Greenfield Historical Village created by Henry Ford in Deerborn, Michigan. He was excited to ride with the historical girls, but they had to yell at him to sit down!

Stay tuned for more of Mr. Key's adventures!!! (He wonders if he'll run into Wandering Juanita somewhere.) Posted by Picasa


moo said...

Mr Key has arrived in Messing today. I never imagined he was so big! But we do have enought space for him even so.
This upload came out far better than the BP one. Love the colours here.
I am sure BP goes through periods of uploads coming out wishy washy. They all seem to be coming out hunky dory at the moment.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! So glad Mr. Key has arrived safely. He is a big Fellow, isn't he! I was surprised too!

These two images, this one and the one on BP, were exactly the same images with no changes made--the difference is THEM and their uploading problem and sometimes it makes an image I really like look pretty crappy!!! It's very disappointing, especially when I don't have time to redo it or if I have already entered it.

I'm so relieved when it does work well! I'll be excited to see what adventures mr. Key has with yoU!!! LOL!! Mary :-)