Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wandering Juanita and Wanda Pix

Please post your Wandering Juanita and Wanda pix on June 1, 2006, no matter when they were taken. That way, they will all be together. The date-change dialogue is on the bottom left in the tan posting bar under post and comment options.

Wandering Juanita promotes Fair Trade

When Wandering Juanita visited Kate Jackson in Messing, March 2006, she used her valuable time by promoting Fair Trade crafts from around the world. Here she is surrounded by crafts fromPeru, Africa and New Zealand

Wandering Juanita hitches a ride

Wandering Juanita came to visit us in Messing, England. Here she is on a duck in the pub window at The Prince of Wales, pub in Inworth.

Ellie and Orphi Go to Mardi Gras

Ellie and Orphi Go to Mardi Gras, by Mary Stebbins.

For those avidly following the travels of Wandering Juanita, she has traveled 400 miles east from Detroit to Syracuse on her way to England to visit Kate Jackson, a BP member eager to receive her. She has been joined by her old Grandmother, Wandering Wanda, and in the case, their clones, LOL! They will be departing for England very shortly! Bon Voyage, Juanita and Wanda. Hope you make it around the world!

Who's who here:

Ellie is the girl doll, Orphie is the tall cat, Juanita is the pink necklace that appears twice and Wanda is the red necklace that appears twice. Posted by Picasa