Wednesday, December 07, 2005

LONG: Hamilton Beach House

LONG: Hamilton Beach House, photo by Mary Stebbins. This shot includes a lot of foreground and background. The scenery is part of the shot. Visit IMAGIK to see a similar but closer shot taken on a different day. Both shots are LONG, but the other one is closer. There is a gradation between close, medium and long shots of course.

I hope you will post your examples here. And perhaps submit another lesson. This is a new blog. I hope it gets off the ground. Posted by Picasa

LONG: Red Bridge at Belle Isle

LONG: Red Bridge at Belle Isle, photo by Mary Stebbins. Long distance shots from father away show more of the surroundings and are often used for landscapes. Click on the picture in this and other posts to see larger. Posted by Picasa

Medium: SLow Day at the Fair

Medium: SLow day at the Fair, photo by Mary Stebbins. Once again, the medium distance shot shows the subject with some of the surroundings. Posted by Picasa

Medium distance shot

Medium distance SHot: Keith at the Everson Art Museum. A medium distant shot show the subject and some of the surroundings. Posted by Picasa