Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 15 Theme/Challenge: Simplicity and Complexity

This challenge is for both photographers and artists. The idea is to explore simplicty and complexity. When is simple good and when is it too dull or boring? When is complexity good, and when is it too "busy" or "fussy"?

Post your pictures to July 15 (for intakes). Outtakes can be posted on the 14th or 16th. Use the post and comment options on the lower left of the posting window to adjust the date. You can post on the designated date or before OR anytime afterwards, as long as you change the date so that it fits in the time span of this theme/challenge.

Email me at if you need an invitation to join the blog.

You may say anything reasonable about your own or other's photos, and, please, at some point in your comments, address the issue of simplicity and complexity in photos and/or art.

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