Monday, March 27, 2006

Shooting Gallery - Ken's Take on Today's E-mails

Here's my tid bits based on today's topics.
1. Blog. I like the idea. Thanks Mary for running with this. There was confusion early on, but that's behind us. And Mary, thanks for understanding. I still want to post our monthly pictures to BP site, just like before. I'm not sold on asking folks to also post to Blog. Sorry Sheesh.
2. Linda Lester and 2nd Place. Outstanding!
3. Publically calling ourselves Shooting Gallery. I don't mind if you refer to us as Shooting Gallery or SG, or "Monthly Theme." I realize other BPers will pick up on our comments/posts and realize some of us are in a club. If they ask about the SG, just tell them that Ken Smith is running it. You don't have to tell them it's closed. When they contact me, I'll tell them. We've gone from 10 to 14 people in the last two months, and I"m sure the original folks understand how the dynamics change, along with volume of e-mail. And many of you have told me that you want to keep numbers "as is." And I feel the same way. 14 is a good number.
4. Smack Talk. Although it adds to e-mail counts, I'm all for it. That was one of fun things we did when the group kicked off in Feb. Something to consider--and Carla hinted at might want to get a separate e-mail account for SG stuff. If you do, just let me know and I'll update my master address book and then I"ll put out the official notification e-mail.
5. Sheesh's Call to Arms for Women against Men in "Motion" Theme Contest. It's funny. In Feb, the girls were cackling up a storm about whipping us guys in Valentine show-down. And us guys did a pretty dang good job, I might say. Then in March when we did sunrise/sunset, not a whisper from the girls cause they knew the ultimate outcome. Now, the cackling has begun again and once again, the guys will step up to the challenge. There's 11 girls and 3 guys in SG, which is about a fair fight.
6. Let's Have Fun. Please continue to support each other's posting and if you have constructive criticisms, please send via personal e-mail.
Ken Smith
SG Captain

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