Saturday, March 25, 2006

Shooting Gallery - BuZZ and Flood/Flexify Filters

To answer Mary's question.
1.  buZZ filter:
Link to PDF file
   There are many buZZ programs.  I use Simplifier and that's what the links are too.  I had to purchase mine outright.  I downloaded the free trial version, then used Credit Card and purchased it.  I love buZZ.  One of these days, Darryl Wilkinson may use it.
2.  Flood and Flexify.  These are Flaming Pear products
   ON this page, you'll see the flood and flexify filters.  Both are great and fun.  You install it and can use them for 30 free trial runs, then can purchase for $20 a piece, I believe.
3.  Mystical Lights.  This is from AutoFX
  I think it's very powerful, but haven't played with it too much.  I did use it to add in light-house beams and selectively lighten things.  I got a bootleg copy, but could not make a back-up copy and I sent my "original" to another person.  I think other SG members have background on Mystical Lights and can chime in.

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