Saturday, March 25, 2006


The Shooting Gallery


1.  Members.




Robin Lynn

Jan 27th


Linda Lester

Mar 19th


Nina Powell Shields

Apr 7th


Kate Jackson

Apr 23rd


Ken Smith

May 10th


Mary Stebbins

May 31st


Cathy Barrows

July 9th


Darryl Wilkinson

July 26th


Candice Calhoun

Aug 4th


Gail Vitikacs

Aug 17th


Tammy Scott

Aug 21st


Sheesh Killough

Oct 28th


Carla Metzler

Oct 31st


Dennis Flanagan

Nov 8th



2.  Monthly Theme Dates


          20 March (Monday)        Sunrise / Sunset

          17 April (Monday)           Motion....blurred motion

          15 May (Monday)           Dennis

          19 June (Monday)           Robin

          17 July (Monday)            Darryl

          14 Aug (Monday)            Gail

          18 Sep (Monday)            Candice


For the theme, pick whatever you like.  Just give the ground rules.  And, try not to be too restrictive on the interpretation.  Also, please pick the category within one week of posting for the current month.  For example, Sheesh will let us all know theme by March 27th.


3.  Ground Rules (from previous e-mail)


a.  Each month we'll come up with a different theme to include the exact day for posting.  Just like we did for Valentine's Day.


b.  We can rotate the person who decides the theme.  The theme would have to be fairly specific.  For example, the Valentine's theme was specific—use the little candies, versus the generic BP theme of pink, purple, and white.


c.  For the theme, we don't have to post in the same category.  For example, I may post in Landscapes, Cathy may post in People, etc.  However, there may be a certain theme that we decide to post in the same category.  But that would be the exception.


          e.  I want us to have FUN and to "stretch" ourselves.  There will be some themes where you'll probably think "blahhhh, I don't want to do that."  I hope you still do.


f.  Each group member has unique talents.  Some are great with landscapes, others with portraits, others macros, animals, flowers, etc.  I hope everyone can feel free to contact anyone else and request help.  Or contact the group if he/she has questions. 

          g.  I personally enjoy the light-hearted banter we've had.  To me, that's the mark of a group that's enjoying themselves.  But I realize it adds to the quantity of e-mails you get.  I've seen suggestions for using Instant Messenger. 


          h.  Most importantly, it's not a competition between guys and girls.  Yeah, right.  There's 11 girls and only three guys.   

Ken, from Shooting Gallery Home Page

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