Monday, April 17, 2006

Shooting Gallery - Motion and May Themes

Hi guys, you did a wonderful job today with the motion pictures. Lots of variety and creativity. I think we'll see some as Finalists. Let's give Sheesh a round of applause for picking this month's theme, as it allowed us to go out and do things we don't normally do. That's one of the the things I like about our group.
Here's a recap of what we did. Hopefully everyone has visited each person's gallery. By Cathy's count, the score was 10 to 3 girls. Hmmm
Robin rain drops
Linda skateboarder
Nina tennnis player
Kate horse race
Mary flying bird
Ken strumming guitar
Cathy backside of waterfall
Darryl water wake behind boat
Candice bird landing (or taking off) from water
Tammy swamp
Sheesh escalator
Carla piano man
Dennis child on slide
Dennis Flanagan has picked May's theme, and it's a great one. The title must come from a Beatles' song. And you must include a couple of lyrics that go with the picture. Here's an example--just use your imagination. The title is "Help." Envision a picture of the 10 Shooting Gallery ladies, as a group photo. The lyrics say "Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone, Help."
Here's a great link you can go to for Beatle song titles and lyrics:
Ok, before anyone has a retort like "Loser" and "Nowhere Man" and my picture, it's too late. It won't be funny.
The May Theme post date is on Monday, May 15th.
Ken Smith
aka Captain

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