Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Privilege and Wisdom

I am posting this one also just to show that I can but as the last one was posted at medium size I am now trying the large size.

Here again I did not think this shot was good enough to post on BP. I used poster edge on this and then went to Edit fade poster edge. I did this as I was not happy enough with the focusing.

Again the three girls are privileged and the man watching me is our village elder statesman (the chairman of our Parish Council). He is an alcoholic and totters off down to the pub regularly at 12.00 every day and then again at 6.30 pm. If his back is hurting him too much then he drinks red wine at home. He used to be some kind of big wig for the Post Office but alcohol was his downfall. He has a great sense of humour and a brilliant mind though he refuses to use the computer his daughters have given him. He used to write a very witty article for the local rag but he got banned from that when he likened the steak served in our local restaurant to shoe leather. So now he has started up his own publication called the Messinger. And who reads his scrawl and types it up and turns it into a newspaper and delivers it to 100 homes in the village? Yes, Geoff and I do!!


Sheesh said...

LOL Oh my goodness Mary that is really a funny story...at least the end of it. I did not expect that you and your husband would be the delivery folks. Surprised me. WHERE DO YOU LIVE?? England?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Hi Sheesh, Kate posted this picture and story, Kate Jackson (Moo is Kate).

SHE lives in England.